Heroic Viticulture

The impossible slopes (50 degrees), the position of the vineyard, the high altitude (about 500 metres above sea level), the vine system that develops on terraces and steps are characteristics that prevent tractors from reaching the vineyard and make manual work compulsory in all its phases. One of the two Combai vineyards is the highest in the entire DOCG. This is why we speak of heroic viticulture, a type of agriculture practised on particularly impervious terrain, in extreme working conditions.


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Combai and Campea vineyards

In 2018, the company acquired five hectares divided between three plots, two in Combai and one in Campea, in the heart of the Valdobbiadene DOCG.
The plots have different geological structures: the Combai vineyards have outcropping stones, Campea has a soil texture with a greater presence of clay.

The genetic heritage of the vines is important: the plants are on average 80 years old; some of them are even over 100 years old and are the oldest in the entire denomination.