a family history


Its founder, Sergio Balan, turned the experience he acquired while working with his father Giuseppe and his grandfather Geremia into valuable assets. Both of them were farmers and they were knowxn due to their strong inclination for winemaking. During the Second World War, Giuseppe had to leave the family business and at that time, his wife Rosa Stella, took over his role and ran the business herself.


Sergio’s first winery experience was his home garage, where it all started, and which is still in front of the company’s headquarters. The company’s headquarters were built in 1966 in Trebaseleghe, not so far away from Venice, and they have later been expanded up to the actual 3.600 sq.mt., surrounded by a 5 hectars of vineyards.

Sergio was able to achieve all of this also thanks to the help of his wife, Attilia, and later on by the hard work of his sons Fabio and Daniele. Today Fabio and Daniele run the company themselves


At the end of the Eighties, while maintaining the traditional winemaking activity and constantly improving both from a quantitative and qualitative point of view, Balan started distributing some prestigious wines and spirits.

Four generations of hard work, a perpetual effort towards innovation, synergies between production and distribution, several deals with great producers and, above all, an inexhaustible passion for wine, made Balan one of the main players in the Italian wine market.